Number Duck


100% Cotton duck fabric.
This a premium quality canvas that uses a numbering system to identify specific weights. They are double filled as opposed to single filled material. The lower the canvas number the heavier the weight per square yard. For example, #4 Duck is a heavyweight canvas while #12 is a lighter weight fabric. Each of these are used in a wide range of applications and products such as bags, tarps, awnings, tents, linings, boat covers, upholstery, and many more!

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Weight (oz / sq.yd)

Width (inches)

Length (yds)

12 11.5 36″,48″,60″,62″,84″,96″,120″,144″ 25,50,100
10 14.5 36″,48″,60″,72″,84″,96″,120″,144″ 25,50,100
8 18 36″,48″,60″,72″,84″ 25,50,100
6 21 36″,60″ 25,50,100
4 24 36″,60″ 25,50,100

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